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    I've come across a bit of an annoying situation with interaction between Resharper and JustCode keyboard shortcuts, which I thought others might appreciate knowing.  I have searched for similar threads but they don't quite cover this and are all quite old. I'm also hoping others might have some ideas for an easier way of resolving this:

    I have Resharper installed but am evaluating JustCode.  To do this I've "Suspended" Resharper and installed JustCode. 

    Unfortunately when I started testing JustCode I found that most of the keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+ALT+T, ALT+SHIFT+L were the first couple I tried) weren't working.   Looking into it, it appears that many of the Resharper keyboard shortcuts are created with "Text Editor" scope so even though JustCode creats shortcuts, they are at the Global level and I guess when you're in the text editor visual studio tries to run the Resharper shortcut.

    I can resolve this for individual shortcuts by going into Tools->Options->Environment->Keyboard and then find and remove the individual Resharper "Text Editor" shortcut so it then uses the Global "JustCode" shortcut mapping. Unfortunately this is time consuming and I can't see an easy way to search shortcuts by the key combination so you have to know the name of the Resharper shortcut.

    Perhaps it would make sense if the JustCode->Options->Keyboard Shortcuts->Apply Profile (JustCode Visual Studio profile) created both Global and Text Editor "scoped" shortcut entries?

    Anybody know a quicker way of turning off or removing the Resharper shortcuts in Visual studio without uninstalling resharper?
  2. Siyka Marinova
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     You can reset the shortcuts in Visual Studio > Options > Environment > Keyboard > Reset. This way the default Visual Studio shortcuts will be restored and all additional shortcuts applied by Visual Studio extensions will be removed. After that you can apply the JustCode's keyboard shortcuts profile that suits you best. This demo shows how to apply the JustCode's shortcuts profile: Apply JustCode's keyboard shortcuts profile.

    I hope that helps. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Siyka Marinova
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