Items disappear when zooming without spring animations

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    It seems that some items disappear when zooming on a map without spring animations enabled.​ The following map has a layer displaying a list of MapShape objects (drawn by user), and a layer with a list of addresses displayed with an image icon. On the initial zoom level, everything is visible, but when the map is zoomed (either by user or by setting the view in code), the addresses disappear - the drawings stay visible.

    We are using Q3 2012.

    <telerik:RadMap x:Name="radMap"
                                    <telerik:InformationLayer x:Name="drawingLayer" IsHitTestVisible="True" UseLayoutRounding="True" Cursor="Arrow" />
                                    <telerik:InformationLayer ItemsSource="{Binding AddressSearch.Addresses}" x:Name="addressSearchLayer">
                                                <Grid Height="28" Width="28"
                  telerik:MapLayer.Location="{Binding Position, Converter={StaticResource locationConverter}}"
                  telerik:MapLayer.HotSpot="0.5, 0.5"
                  ToolTipService.ToolTip="{Binding Path=FormattedMultiLineAddress, FallbackValue=''}">
                <Ellipse x:Name="circle" Fill="White" Stroke="#FF707070" StrokeThickness="3" />
                <Image Source="{StaticResource AddressIcon}" Margin="7" VerticalAlignment="Center"/>
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