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    I have a radgridview, its itemsource is a List<Data>. With 96 items (each item will create a row in the grid)

    1. The first column has binding to the field "Name" n the List<Data>
    2. The next 8 columns are created from codebehind, and filled from codebehind. These 8 columns have a DataTemplate.

    these 8 columns fill with data using the gridevent RowLoaded..

    If i turn the virtualization Off, the grid is too slow for loading (40 seconds to load), but after it, it works great.
    I would like to use virtualization because it just takes like 2 secods to load.

    With virtualization ON, if i scroll down the grid, the First column is Ok. but the other columns are re-used, but they should not be re-used. I want to see the new rows.
    I want to get 96 rows with different values (The List<Data> has values for each row)

    What can i do to avoid re-using the old rows and to force to create new rows when scrolling? (The event RowLoaded doesnt trigger after the first 12 rows were loaded, (My screen shows 12 rows without scrolling))

    -> For the last 8 columns, i see the rows 1, 2 ,3 ,4 , 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 That's OK, but if i scroll down i see the row 1,2,3..12 again, I dont want to see these rows again
     i want to be able to see the row 13,14,15,16 ...... 96.
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