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Interval-Buttons only visible when Width set

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Peter asked on 30 Apr 2011, 09:20 AM

having a day spent on getting TimeBar working I found that bug: The Week/Month/Day Buttons on top and bottom of TimeBar only show up if the component or at least one of its parents has a fixed width set. I'm using it in a Navigation Application where pages do not have a specific width which causes the buttons to stay hidden.

Hope this could be fixed in future versions as I would really appreciate to set Width on Auto and HorizontalAlignment to Stretch in my application.

Thanks in advance!

Peter Schmidt

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Telerik team
answered on 04 May 2011, 09:27 AM
Hello Hans-Peter Schmidt,

We have tested the RadTimeBar in situations with auto scaling width and height and it works as expected. The problems appear when it is placed in a container that measures its children with infinity (such as Canvas and StackPanel) since the RadTimeBar doesn't have a default size. Take a look at the following markup:

    <telerik:RadTimeBar Name="timeBar1" VerticalAlignment="Top" Height="150" Width="Auto" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch"
                    IsSnapToIntervalEnabled="{Binding ElementName=checkBox1, Path=IsChecked}"
                    PeriodStart="{Binding PeriodStart, Mode=TwoWay}" PeriodEnd="{Binding PeriodEnd, Mode=TwoWay}"
                    VisiblePeriodStart="{Binding VisiblePeriodStart, Mode=TwoWay}" VisiblePeriodEnd="{Binding VisiblePeriodEnd, Mode=TwoWay}"
                    SelectionStart="{Binding SelectedPeriodStart, Mode=TwoWay}" SelectionEnd="{Binding SelectedPeriodEnd, Mode=TwoWay}">
            <telerik:CenturyInterval />
            <telerik:DecadeInterval />
            <telerik:YearInterval />
            <telerik:QuarterInterval />
            <telerik:MonthInterval />
            <telerik:WeekInterval />
            <telerik:DayInterval />
            <telerik:HourInterval />
            <telerik:RadLinearSparkline ItemsSource="{Binding Data}" XValuePath="Date" YValuePath="Value" />

This markup presents a timeBar placed within a Grid that stretches it to fit the available width and the buttons appear as expected. You can experiment with a border, as borders also don't have a default size. If you find yourself in trouble please share an example project we can examine and advice you further.

Yavor Ivanov
the Telerik team
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