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    Hi Telerik,

    It seems that WebUI Test Studio sometimes falls back to identification by content even though the element has an id.

    In an example I have 3 tabs with different texts but same id (tabitem1-3) across the 2 branches I am constructing some auomated tests for (text has been improved in the newest branch). The result is the test only runs in the branch it is recorded in.

    I have not touched the identification logic slider.

    If I locate the first tab in the DOM Explorer and look in properties I can see that the IdAttributeValue is tabitem1 and still it seems WebUI test is identifying it as Content TextContent Partial = "settings" which is the text on the tab.

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    Posted 30 Oct 2009 Link to this post

    Hi Christian,

    So if you could try switching all the steps to 'Continue on Failure', which you can do by highlighting all the steps and right clicking on one of them, then please run the test in Internet Explorer.

    For each step that fails, you can double click on the failure red 'X' icon that should launch a failure details screen. There should be a link to click that will navigate the recorder to the correct page. You can then use the DOM Explorer Window to search for the elements against the live page.

    From here, you can edit the identification logic with new find params of your page and validate it is found correctly in WebUI by clicking on the green check button. Correct validations should also automatically highlight the element in the DOM Explorer Window.
    Once all the steps have been validated, please run the test again using Internet Explorer and the 'Re-capture Button' (to the right of the Quick Execute button and 'Add...' drop down). This should update your test with the latest DOM from your pages.

    Please post back if you have any questions or run into any issues with the procedure.

    All the best,
    Nelson Sin
    the Telerik team

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