In-app billing custom pligin for Android file path problem

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    I've imported a custom plugin for in-app billing . Plugin docs say it plugman-compatible and upon further inspection it actually is, however at build time it throws the following error:

    '/tmp/0c589fabe5ec4b0faf32a8940e8bbc58/Plugins/src/plugin.xml' Done building project "ShapeMatch.proj" -- FAILED.

    after moving plugin.xml to /src/ then it throws the following error:

    "/tmp/db2a3e433e274c0d8509f416ae6b31e0/cordova/plugins/com.smartmobilesoftware.inappbilling/src/android/com/android/vending/billing/IInAppBillingService.aidl" not found! Done building project "ShapeMatch.proj" -- FAILED.

    From the /src/ folder and on the path is correct. Read the Icenium docs but doesn't says much about it, so how to correctly reference that?

    Thank you, your help will be appreciated.

    EDIT: Looks like Icenium internal file structure is different from that of a regular PhoneGap/Cordova application. So this problem could be easily solved by knowing how Icenium folders relate to that of a normal PG/Apache file-structure.

    EDIT: [SOLVED] When imported the plugin as indicated in the docs, the src, www and plugin.xml were added to the Plugins folder in the project. Apparently those files need to reside in their own folder, so if you add more plugins they don't mix. Just added a new folder named "AndroidInAppBilling" to the "Plugins" folder and transferred the plugin's src, www and plugin.xml files and folders into it and Incenium Mist built the project with no errors. There's an additional step. Although the plugin is "plugman" compatible you still need to modify the Android's config.xml and AndroidManifest.xml as described here:

    *The plugin functionality isn't tested yet. This just fixed the errors thrown at build time.*
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    Hello Alfredo,

    I just wanted to add that the information for your solution is already present in our documentation: Making a Custom Plugin Plugman-Compatible.

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