How to use Fiddler.WebFormats.JSON.JsonDecode

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  1. Arnaud
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    I have a JSON string and I want to parse it to an object (to do some query after that).
    I have found Fiddler.WebFormats.JSON.JsonDecode() but the returned JSONObject has no method to get or set content.

    How to decode and use JSON strings ?

    Thanks for any help !
  2. Eric Lawrence
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    Posted 08 Apr 2014 Link to this post

    Hello, Arnaud--

    The returned object has a JSONObject property which is an ArrayList, Hashtable, or primitive value that is equivalent to the json object in question. Fiddler uses this class in its JSONView extension.

    If you prefer a different pattern (e.g. something with strong typing, a schema, etc) then you can & should use one of the myriad JSON encoder/decoders available for the .NET Framework.

    Eric Lawrence

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  3. Arnaud
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    Posted 09 Apr 2014 in reply to Eric Lawrence Link to this post

    Hello Eric,

    Thanks for your quick answer. My wrong was to miss JSONObject and its meaning.
    I post my test case (in FiddlerScript) in case someone has the same question:

    var sInput = '{"a" : 1, "b" : [2, 3, 4]}';
    var oJSON = Fiddler.WebFormats.JSON.JsonDecode(sInput);
    FiddlerApplication.Log.LogFormat('input: {0}', sInput);
    FiddlerApplication.Log.LogFormat('oJSON: {0}', oJSON.ToString());
    FiddlerApplication.Log.LogFormat('oJSON["a"]: {0} (expected: 1)', oJSON.JSONObject["a"]);
    FiddlerApplication.Log.LogFormat('oJSON["b"] : {0} (expected: 2)', oJSON.JSONObject["b"][0]);

  4. 继隆
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    Posted 05 May 2018 in reply to Arnaud Link to this post

    Fiddler.WebFormats.JSON.JSONParseResult json = (Fiddler.WebFormats.JSON.JSONParseResult)Fiddler.WebFormats.JSON.JsonDecode(jsonst);
                        Hashtable ht = (Hashtable)json.JSONObject;
                  string value= ht["name"].ToString();
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