How to set parameters for a silverlight object from on object loading

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    I want to include silverlight objects in my web site, (this site is using intensivelly).
    I am new to silverlight (2 apps :) )
    I create the silverlight <object> from codebehind and I want to know if there is some way to set initial parameters to this object which could be injected when the xap is loaded ?

    Is there a way for the Telerik object to communicate using with my page instance which is ajaxfiied with RadAjaxManager.

    Moreover, what is the Telerik recommandations concerning the best way for the silverlight/telerik control to communicate with its server in term of execution speed, easy dev, easy deployment: you present WCF,ADO.NET,Web Service, RIA ?

    Thank you for recommandations

  2. Miroslav
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    Hi Christian Surieux,

     You can sue the "initParams" parameter for the silverlight object to pass parameters to the Silverlight application when it is initialized:

    Generally there is no direct integration between the Telerik Ajax and Silverlight controls. We have not found many scenarios for which we can provide support out-of-the-box because these kind of requirements tend to be application specific. One exception is the upload control:

    If you want to communicate between JavaScript and Silverlight, you can use the Html Bridge:

    As back-end communication we cannot suggest a particular approach as "best' because again this may very much depend on your application.

    Things to keep in mind:
     - The .NET RIA Services will provide the best integration with Silverlight, but is still in beta and hosting it is a problem. (Requires full trust)
    - The ADO.NET data services 1.5 are still in beta and cannot be used in a production environment. The 1.0 version lacks a lot of things that an application may need. Generally they allow exposing data in a very elegant way.
    - The standard WCF services is a good choice in the short term - they are available now and are supported.

    Unfortunately I cannot suggest what may be best in your case.

    Kind regards,

    the Telerik team


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  3. CSurieux
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    Thank youMiroslv,

    Very helfull at my level of Silverlight knowledge.
    I especially appreciate the point concerning RIA full rust necessity, ADO.NET and WCF.

    Silverlight is interesting but still seems to be years beyond Flash ?
    Telerik is a great help starting with it.

    Best regards
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