How to get Team Velocity and Remaining work trend to display meaningful figures

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    Posted 22 May 2013 Link to this post

    Hi there,

    I am using Project Dashboard and Work Item Manager with visual studio 2012 and TFS.

     In Project Dashboard I am trying to get the above widgets to display meaningful information, unfortunately, it;s not showing was I was hoping.

    What I seem to have is for Remaining Work Trend a straight line value of 31. I was sort of expecting to see a downward trend line showing my ideal completion and then another line showing the remaining effort for tasks that are not complete in the sprint.

    For Team velocity, I was hoping I could see our velocity of say the last 6 sprint on homw many story points we completed (well I'm using the SCRUM template I think it is so it is effort points were completed)

    These 2 metrics are key to Agile planning and monitoring and based on a previous post it was more about the way things were configured/used in TFS.

    Is this possible and if I'm doing something wrong could someone point me in the right direction please.
  2. Jordan
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    Hello David,

     There is known bug with the remaining work trends. Can you check if you don't have the same case?
    Bug: Remaining work trend does not filter by iteration

    1. Create a project using the MS Agile template
    2. Add some iterations and ensure only one of them is "current".
    3. In each iteration, add some tasks and set the remaining work to some value.
    4. Open the dashboard and view the Remaining Work Trend graph
      • Notice that the graph actually includes the remaining work from all tasks in the project instead of just the tasks in the current iteration.
      • The timeframe of the graph in terms of what is shown on the X-axis is showing the correct dates, but the data points are wrong.

    As for the Velocity report it is a feature request that I'll add but at the moment I can't give more concrete information as the Work Item Manager is not under active development anymore.

    You can check out TeamPulse if you haven't already.  TeamPulse is a separate product that integrates with TFS.  It also has its own set of reports, one of which is a burndown graph like the one in WIM, except that it calculates the burndown as you expect.

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