How to format my xml displayed item?

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    I would like to add break points and bold some of my text in mu displayed xml item.
    However, when I tried to format them by adding <br/> or <b>Hi</b> tags.

    What I input in the data item:
    <b>Hi</b><br/> I am a boy.

    Instead of :
    I am a boy.

    It displayed:
    <b>Hi</b><br/>I am a boy.

    Is there anyway I can format the display of the xml item by directly adding tags in the data?
  2. Tsvetina
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    Posted 18 Dec 2015 Link to this post

    Hi Clement,

    I replied in the other forum thread you opened here:
    How to format my xml display item

    I am closing this one as a duplicate. If you have any further quesitons, you can post them there.


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    Creating HTML from Word will sometimes work, but the HTML that Word produces is padded with scads of proprietary Word "stuff" that is not standard HTML.When you produce a listing in HTML, it must be added to the HTML tab of the two-tabbed description editor on the full-featured SYI listing form.


    <?xml-stylesheet href="common.css"?> <?xml-stylesheet href="modern.css" title="Modern" media="screen" type="text/css"?> <?xml-stylesheet href="classic.css" alternate="yes" title="Classic" media="screen, print" type="text/css"?> <ARTICLE> <HEADLINE>Fredrick the Great meets Bach</HEADLINE> <AUTHOR>Johann Nikolaus Forkel</AUTHOR> <PARA> One evening, just as he was getting his <INSTRUMENT>flute</INSTRUMENT> ready and his musicians were assembled, an officer brought him a list of the strangers who had arrived. </PARA> </ARTICLE>

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