How to drill deeper into linked tables with linq?

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    I am staring to pickup using telerik ORM with querying linq quite easily however I am a bit stumped. I have a class called Project. This has Many to Many Association to class Company using join table, WHich has a one to many association to contacts.

    I am able to get a list of all the companys related to a project by following the style, however how can i get a list of the Contacts related to that project based on the company associated to the projecT? basically i need or equivalent somehow.

     im having trouble going that one depth further. I cant find any info on how to do that. or im not sure what i should be searching for. any help appreciated
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    Hello Kieron,

    assuming the model that you've described to me, I would propose to use something like

    var q = from p in sc.Extent<ModelOld.XProject>()
                 where p.Start == DateTime.Now
                 from c in p.Companies
                 from t in c.ZContacts
                 select t.FirstName;

    The LINQ expression given above generates then SQL similiar to

    SELECT d.[first_name] AS COL1                  FROM [x_project] a JOIN [y_compan
    y_x_project] AS b ON (a.[id] = b.[id2]) JOIN [y_company] AS c ON (b.[id] = c.[id
    ]) JOIN [z_contact] AS d ON (c.[id] = d.[id2]) WHERE a.[strt] = ?

    So a list of all FirstNames of all Contacts of all Companies associated with the project started at the given DateTime.Now is returned.

    the Telerik team

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