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    Hi there,

    My scenario is : To validate each fields in my application with both positive and negative data.Additionally the validation result will be stored on the excel file.

    I have recorded those controls and its working even in play back.

    I have a first name field(a text box)  ,i supposed to give both negative and positive data's from excel file.

    The alert box will be appear, if we entered a negative data.

    I have validated the fields with negative data by using code :

                if (ActiveBrowser.ContainsText("Please Enter Valid FirstName")) // Please enter valid firstname - is a alert box text
                    Worksheet.Cells[Data.IterationIndex + 2, 4] = "Please Enter Valid First Name"; //storing result in excel
                    Worksheet.Cells[Data.IterationIndex + 2, 4] = "error";
    Its working for the negative data's alone,not for the positive data.

    How do i validate fields with positive data? Please Help me on this ...

    I have enclosed a sample screenshots for your reference.

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    Your approach seems to be based on the text in the browser, which is probably easier but too limited approach. I'd recommend trying another approach - validation based on elements, which Test Studio is pretty powerful with. One can give the Test Studio recorder a try and record verifications based on the highlighted element or if you prefer coded solution find your elements dynamically. For reference please take a look at the links below and let us know if you need further assistance.

    Getting started with test recording
    Test Studio Verifications
    Recording Quick Verifications

    Konstantin Petkov
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