How to disable Save and Cancel button in custom appointment dialog

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    I have custom appointment dialog. And I need do some checks when user enter data but when checking in progress I need disable Save and Cancel button.
    How can I get access to this button from my custom appointment?
    My custom appointment class look like:
    public class SchedulerAppointment : Appointment
       private SchedulerEditor _editor;
            public SchedulerEditor Editor
                get { return this.Storage<SchedulerAppointment>()._editor; }
                    var storage = this.Storage<SchedulerAppointment>();
                    if (storage._editor != value)
                        storage._editor = value;
                        if (value.SchedulerItem != null)
                            base.Subject = value.SchedulerItem.SchedulerName;
                        this.OnPropertyChanged(() => this.Editor);

    SchedulerEditor - my custom control with all controls and some business logic.
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    Posted 07 Mar 2014 Link to this post

    Hi Artem,

    In order to provide you with the right solution for the requirement we will need some more detailed information  about the custom dialog, appointments and the whole scenario. However what I can suggest you for now is to check the Custom Appointment and Validation example from our online Silverlight demos. It demonstrates the same scenario - custom Appointments with custom EditAppointmentDialog which disables the Ok button when the information in the NumericUpDown is not correct.

    Hope this will help you to achieve the required scenario.


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