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    so I've been programming for some years now...
    I have colleagues around me, but they work on other things (flash, it support, 100% unrelated to my apps).
    I am the sole web programmer. I do it all alone...
    I used to think I'd end up in a team, make small modules maybe;
    but, 100% alone... I get some instructions in the form of some old excel sheets, some notes on a post-it if I am lucky, and a very vague description of what they expect.
    Oh, and I almost forgot, deadlines that make me shiver inside although my mouth says "no problem."

    From there, I open SQL server, start making tables, link them, start a vs project, and improvise the whole thing from there.
    Photoshop for some icons under way, when I have time.

    I have no idea how other web developers work.
    So, how do you work? Team? Tasks?
    One db guy, one design guy, one coder, etc..? Please share..!
    Is it common to be all alone like this? (Except Telerik support, closest I have to a colleague, and google, my necessary brain extension)
    I'm curious, because this is not at all how I pictured my job would be.
    But I wouldn't change a thing. I really enjoy this full control and I learn new things every single day.

    So I'm very very curious to see how other web developers are doing and if my situation is common..
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