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Handling multiple coordinates in the same location with Map control

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k f
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k f asked on 25 Jan 2011, 08:49 PM


RadControls version Q3 2010


.NET version 4


Visual Studio version 2010


programming language C#


browser support

all browsers supported by RadControls


I've put together a sample LOB application.  A working version of it can be found at:

Check ANATR and/or AROUT and then click Retrieve orders.

Next click Map and then you can do a map all.  You'll notice some markers on the map that signify there are multiple markers in the same location.

When you mouse over you see what is contained at the location.

You'll also find code which builds a dynamic GridView in code behind and assigning it to the Context of a ToolTip.

There is code for using a Tree control and adding a check box to allow users to select multiple rows.

Also, it contains the ability to filter the tree using test from a Textbox.

The original goal for this was to figure out how to deal with markers on a map when they are part of the same coords.  To get to that point, I used a template I have for building Modular, SL apps based on the principles of MVVM.

I'll be talking about the code more in a 3 part lesson which you can find here.

Currently, at that link are some notes about setting the projects up and getting them to run.

Again, this sample was built using concepts I use in building commercial LOB and utilizes a WCF back end.

You'll need to download both solutions and setup a Northwind database to get everything to work.

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answered on 01 Feb 2011, 08:02 AM
Hello k f,

Thank you for submitting this code entry.
I am sure that the community will find it useful.
You can find your Telerik points updated.
Thank you for your involvement.

the Telerik team
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