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    I have looked at your demo on Paging Large Data and see that when filtering you page size changes.  i.e. filter data has been removed and therefore the number of pages is less.  When we filter, the number of pages stays the same, and each page is filtered.  How do I achieve the same behavior in your demo.  I have looked at the code in your example and I do not see anything significantly different in the definition of the grid or pager.  Two differences would be 1.  When I try to add the "GroupRenderMode = Flat", I get a compile error that this property is not found.  Also, we are auto generating our columns.  Below is the xaml for our grid and pager.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

        ItemsSource="{Binding DataSource}"
            <telerik:RadContextMenu Name="uxActivityLogsGridContextMenu"/>
        Source="{Binding Items, ElementName=uxActivityLogsGrid}"
        DisplayMode="FirstLastPreviousNextNumeric, Text"/>
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    With your setup the expected beahvior is indeed the pager to react on filtering by changing the pages size.

    Can you please check the following :

    1. Check the output window of VisualStudio for binding expression errors
    2. Check the count of RadGridView.Items after filtering .

    If you still have a problem I will need to have a look at your project so see what went wrong . Please open a support ticket in order to be able to attach a project.

    *Regarding the missing "FlatMode" property - it is something we have introduced lately . Please check the version of the Telerik dlls you are using and update to the latest ones if needed.

    * In case you open a support ticket , please mention the ID of this thread ( 656407) so I can address it personally .

    All the best,
    Pavel Pavlov
    the Telerik team

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    Thanks for your help Pavel!!

    For now we have decided to remove the data pager.  Our users were finding it a bit confusing; that's probably more of our implementation vs the control itself.  I figured the FlatMode was new.  We are at least 1 version behind possible 2.

    Have a good day!!!
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