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  1. Gilbert van Veen
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    Posted 26 Nov 2010 Link to this post

     I have a strange problem with the Telerik GridView. The code below worked fine until I installed the Q3 release:

    var MyBadgeWindow = sender as Bad_EditWindow;
                      if (MyBadgeWindow.DialogResult == true)
                          foreach (Badges UpdateBadge in _BadgeList)
                              if (UpdateBadge.EntityBadgeId == MyBadgeWindow.Bad_Selected.EntityBadgeId)
                                  UpdateBadge.EntityId = MyBadgeWindow.Bad_Selected.EntityId;
                                  UpdateBadge.BadgeId = MyBadgeWindow.Bad_Selected.BadgeId;
                                  UpdateBadge.Number = ((GaSuite.Web.ga_badge)MyBadgeWindow.Bad_BadgeId.SelectedItem).Number;
                                  UpdateBadge.State = (byte)MyBadgeWindow.Bad_Selected.State;
                                  UpdateBadge.ValidFrom = MyBadgeWindow.Bad_Selected.ValidFrom;
                                  UpdateBadge.ValidTill = MyBadgeWindow.Bad_Selected.ValidTill;
                                  UpdateBadge.IsVisitorBadge = MyBadgeWindow.Bad_Selected.IsVisitorBadge;

    For some reason the grid's data isn't updated according the values in the list.

    When I open my screen I set the grid as follows:

    Bad_Grid.ItemsSource = _BadgeList;

    When a user double clicks at a row then I open a new window where the user can make the changes. When the user presses OK the code (see code above) is executed. When I check the list I can see that the _Badgelist values are ok but for some reason the grid isn't updated? This worked before I installed the Q3 release.

    Some ideas?

  2. Milan
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    Posted 30 Nov 2010 Link to this post

    Hi Gilbert van Veen,

    I was unable to reproduce this issue. Could you please send us a sample project that illustrates the problem?

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team
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