grid performance with conditional dropdownlists. Would Silverlight be better?

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    We have a simple ASP.NET ajax application that is used to edit a grid of data. We are using the Telerik ASP.NET AJAX radgrid for all of the functionality.

    The grid is pretty straight-forward, there is only one feature we would like to have that we currently cannot do with the current ASP.NET ajax radgrid. Here is an explanation:

    We make use of conditional dropdownlists in edit mode. What I mean is.... There are 3 dropdownlists in a row (as templatecolumns), when the user selects a value in the 1st, the 2nd dropdownlist gets rebound with new relevant values based on what the user selected in the 1st. When the user selects a value in the 2nd, the 3rd gets rebound with new relevant values based on what the user selected in the 2nd. This is all using the "SelectedIndexChanged" events on the dropdownlists. I hope that is clear.

    This seems to be working ok. We've implemented a little bit of caching on the data side, and with the ajax-enabled grid it has some pretty good speed.

    What we would REALLY like to do is enable the users to put the entire grid (all rows) into edit mode all at once, let them edit their data, then save the changed records back to the database.

    We can enable and implement the grid with every row in edit mode, that works no problem. Our issues is with the selectedIndexChanged events. When a user tries to change a dropdownlist, the selectedIndexChanged event takes at least 8-10 seconds to run *every time*. The performance hit doesn't seem to happen on the server end, I profiled it. The performance hit happens on the browser side. Whatever IE7 is doing when the dropdownlist changes takes about 8-10 seconds to redraw the page.

    So anyway, whew... :) My question is... Given my explanation above, do you think the radGrid for Silverlight would be a better choice for this type of functionality? Does the silverlight grid support this functionality out of the box?



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    Hi zumafan,

    Indeed in ASP.NET AJAX if you use traditional AJAX approach (UpdatePanel, RadAjaxPanel, RadAjaxManager) you will need to post to the server to change these drop downs - in Silverlight applications this is not needed if you have all the data. You can achieve the same in your ASP.NET application however you will need to use some JavaScript programming and most probably some client-side data-binding.

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