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    Posted 02 Jul 2009 Link to this post

    Hi, I'm expreriencing problem getting the right size of the file in byte[].
    Here's my scenario: I'm uploading the file and then get the byte[] size and save it to db. When i try to upload a e.g. 4mb docx file then it goes to my Raduploadhandler.ashx, I only get the 56kb file size. Is there something wrong with my upload handler?

    public class RadUploadHandler : Telerik.Windows.RadUploadHandler   
        Dictionary<string, object> dict = new Dictionary<string, object>();  
        public override void ProcessStream()     
            string submissionID = Request.Form["SubmissionID"];  
            string submitter = Request.Form["UserAlias"];  
            byte[] assetData = Convert.FromBase64String(Request.Form["RadUAG_data"]);     
            this.AddReturnParam("RadUAG_associatedData", "");     
            this.AddReturnParam("RadUAG_finalFileRequest", this.IsFinalFileRequest());     
            this.AddReturnParam("RadUAG_success", true); // or false if something fails       
            this.AddReturnParam("RadUAG_message", "");// or add an error message if it is needed       
            string fileName = this.Request.Form["RadUAG_fileName"];     
            string filePath = this.GetFilePath(fileName);     
            this.AddReturnParam("RadUAG_fileIdent", filePath);     
            this.AddReturnParam("RadUAG_fileName", fileName);     
            this.AddReturnParam("RadUAG_filePath", filePath);  
            if (IsFinalFileRequest())  
                byte[] buffer = Convert.FromBase64String(this.Request.Form["RadUAG_data"]);  
                long attachmentID = SaveFileToDB(buffer, fileName, Convert.ToInt64(submissionID), submitter);  
                dict.Add("AttachmentID", attachmentID);  
                string associatedDataString = String.Empty;  
                if (dict.Count > 0)  
                    foreach (string key in dict.Keys)  
                        object value = dict[key];  
                        if (value == null)  
                            value = "null";  
                        value = "\"" + value.ToString().Replace("\\", "\\\\") + "\"";  
                        associatedDataString += "{" + String.Format(@"""Key"":""{0}"",""Value"":{1}", key, value) + "},";  
                    associatedDataString = associatedDataString.TrimEnd(',');  
                this.AddReturnParam("RadUAG_associatedData", associatedDataString);  

  2. Ivan
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    Posted 02 Jul 2009 Link to this post

    Hi Jan Michael,

    This is because of uploading files in a small parts - chunks. When you get the uploaded information (a chunk) you need its position too. Use the code below to extract the position from the upload parameters:

    long position = Convert.ToInt64(this.Request.Form[RadUploadConstants.ParamNamePosition]); 

    Please preview the following articles, where we are demonstrating techniques for manipulation of uploaded files:

    We hope this information will help you.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team

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