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Getting error : Sequence contains no elements
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Craig Tarp
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Craig Tarp asked on 02 Jun 2010, 08:40 PM
hi all

I changed my model for a treeview to use an IEnumerable list of Course ( bascially am emulating the MVC treeview DEMO for model binding with treeview ) I get the error that the Sequence contains no elements



= Html.Telerik().TreeView().Name("TreeView")


.ClientEvents(events => events





















.DragAndDrop(settings => settings





.BindTo(Model, mappings => 
                    mappings.For<XP.Models.CustomClasses.Unit>(binding => binding                  
                   .ItemDataBound((item, unit) =>   
                                          item.Text = unit.Title;  
                                          item.Value = unit.Id.ToString();         
                                          item.ImageUrl = "../../Images/unit32.png";                                              
                    mappings.For<XP.Models.CustomClasses.Lesson>(binding => binding                      
                   .ItemDataBound((item, lesson) => 
                                          item.Text = lesson.Title;  
                                          item.Value = lesson.Id.ToString();  
                                          item.ImageUrl = "../../Images/lesson32.png";  
                    mappings.For<XP.Models.CustomClasses.Section>(binding => binding                    
                   .ItemDataBound((item, section) => 
                                       item.Text = section.Title;  
                                       item.Value = section.Id.ToString();  
                                       item.ImageUrl = "../../Images/section32.png";  
                }).HtmlAttributes(new { @class = "t-group" }) 


'#TreeView').tTreeView({ onLoad: onLoad, dragAndDrop: { "dropTargets": ".drop-container" }, onNodeDrop: onNodeDrop, onSelect: onSelect, onNodeDropped: onNodeDropped });


Prior to this I was just passing in the model (complex) and it worked fine with the exception that the textValue was not b
eing populated with the appropriated ID     (course ID  or section ID   etc)  ...Without the ID , I can't edit or Delete so I have to have the ID......All googling has let me to believe that there could be an issue with LINQ find a null mapping the some lessons may not have sections..... Should I or can I specifiy where the Child of the Unit is Not NULL....would that fix this situation???   .Children(unit => unit.Lessons)  

thanks in guys are great resource...

Craig T

BTW: error is on this line


System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no elements
Line 182: <%= Html.Telerik().TreeView().Name("TreeView")

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answered on 16 Aug 2010, 03:56 PM

That means your not getting the necessary items from the child values shouldn't be null.. make sure on debug u r getting all items from table.. 

because similar problem I faced it before that time my child items are null values.. 

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Craig Tarp
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