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  1. Andii
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    Posted 11 Dec 2008 Link to this post

    I have found this rightclick event handler. ContextMenuExtender.
    Then i hook it up to my RadtreeView by this code


    ContextMenuExtender contextMenuExtender = new ContextMenuExtender(uxTreeMyPlaylists);


    contextMenuExtender.RightClick +=

    new RightClickHandler(contextMenuExtender_RightClick);


    then when a rightclick is triggered in my tree im trying to get the RadTreeViewItem that was clicked
    but i cant find a way to find it.  tried with VisualTreeHelper below
    but it dosent work. Can somebody help me?


    void contextMenuExtender_RightClick(object sender, RightClickEventArgs e)





    RadTreeView treeViewItem = (RadTreeView)e.Source;




    List<UIElement> hits = System.Windows.Media.VisualTreeHelper.FindElementsInHostCoordinates(e.RelativePoint,e.Source) as List<UIElement>;








    public class ContextMenuExtender




    public UIElement ExtendedElement { get; private set; }



    public ContextMenuExtender(UIElement extendedElement)




    this.ExtendedElement = extendedElement;



    HtmlPage.Document.AttachEvent("oncontextmenu", this.OnContextMenu);




    public event RightClickHandler RightClick;



    private void OnContextMenu(object sender, HtmlEventArgs e)




    if (RightClick != null)




    if (ExtendedElement.IsHitTestVisible)




    Point clickPoint = new Point(e.OffsetX, e.OffsetY);



    List<UIElement> hitElements = new List<UIElement>(System.Windows.Media.VisualTreeHelper.FindElementsInHostCoordinates(clickPoint, ExtendedElement));



    if (hitElements.Count > 0)






    this, new RightClickEventArgs(ExtendedElement, clickPoint));








    public delegate void RightClickHandler(object sender, RightClickEventArgs e);



    public class RightClickEventArgs




    public UIElement Source { get; private set; }



    public Point RelativePoint { get; private set; }



    public Point AbsolutePoint { get; private set; }



    internal RightClickEventArgs(UIElement source, Point absolutePoint)




    this.Source = source;



    this.AbsolutePoint = absolutePoint;



    this.RelativePoint = GetPosition(Source);




    public Point GetPosition(UIElement relativeTo)




    GeneralTransform transform = Application.Current.RootVisual.TransformToVisual(relativeTo);



    return transform.Transform(AbsolutePoint);




  2. Hristo
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    Posted 15 Dec 2008 Link to this post

    Hello Andreas,

    The code that you provide works like you want it. I just run it in IE7 and I was able to found the RadTreeViewItem in hits list. You should enumerate them and compare the results with RadTreeViewItem (using is).

    Do you get something in hits list?

    the Telerik team

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  3. Harsh
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    Apr 2009

    Posted 19 Sep 2009 Link to this post

    Even I cannot get the element being click. Hits contains nothing, count = 0. Please help
  4. Valentin.Stoychev
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    Posted 22 Sep 2009 Link to this post

    Hi Harsh,

    Is your application windowless?

    the Telerik team

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