Get Dinamyc a Control and convert to label or text

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    How I change dinamyc a control that get by this.Controls.FindAll() in Label or Text by variables for example I have
    or get all controls and set the tooltips to all, I have something like this: 

    IEnumerable<Control> controlesEntrada = this.Controls.FindAll();
    foreach (Control control in controlesEntrada)
       c = control.GetType();
       myelement = c.Name; //Get the string "Label" in this variable

        //How I do this:
         Label milabel = (Label)myelement;
        // with the variable
         myelement milabel (myelement)myelement
    this dont permit because string to control cant... how I can be?

    c9.Tooltip = "Este es tu label";
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