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    Not a question about telerik controls, but rather one about HTML and ASP.NET in general...

    I've been doing web development professionally for about a year now, and as a hobby for quite a bit longer than that, but I have never come across an answer for this...

    In an application I'm working with, we have several places where we use asp:DropDownList controls to select some option, and the number of options in the list is immense.  I can't cut down the number of options -- they are to select a time for your reservation in 15 minute increments -- and I don't have room in the form to use a different type of time picker, nor do I want to use a masked text box to let the user type in their time.

    The problem I'm facing is IE 6 displays 20 options at a shot from a drop down, and IE 7 has apparently increased that to 30.  Firefox only shows 10 at a time, and lets you scroll for the rest.

    Is there a way that I can force a browser to ONLY display 10 lines of options and then scroll for the rest?  I've googled for something like this to no avail, and the size attribute for HTML select lists makes them display that many lines without expanding as a drop down.  Anybody have any ideas?
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