Filter not working on RadGridView bound to DomainDataSource

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  1. HDC
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    Posted 19 Jan 2012 Link to this post

    I got following grid definition :

    <telerik:RadGridView x:Name="RssFeedsGrid"
                         ItemsSource="{Binding RssFeeds}"
                         IsBusy="{Binding IsBusy}"
                         CurrentItem="{Binding CurrentRssFeed, Mode=TwoWay}"

    It's bound to a viewmodel that is a singleton using following code:

    this.DataContext = ViewModels.ExqiRssFeeds.RssFeedsParentViewModel.Instance;


    The collection RSSFeeds is defined as follows:

    public QueryableDomainServiceCollectionView<ExqiFramework.Shell.Web.RssFeed> RssFeeds
            return this._rssFeeds;
            _rssFeeds = value;

    Data for RssFeeds is loaded using following code:

    EntityQuery<ExqiFramework.Shell.Web.RssFeed> getRssFeeedsQuery = this._ExqiPresenterDomainContext.GetRssFeedsSortedQuery();            
    this.RssFeeds = new QueryableDomainServiceCollectionView<ExqiFramework.Shell.Web.RssFeed>(this._ExqiPresenterDomainContext, getRssFeeedsQuery);      

    All of this works for loading data, but when i apply a filter to any of the columns, nothing happens.

    Am i missing something?
    Do i need to handle myself the filtering events and if so how do i do that with a viewmodel?

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  2. Rossen Hristov
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    Posted 20 Jan 2012 Link to this post


    You do not need to do anything manually.

    Can you please take a look at the sample project from my blog post? There filtering works as expected.

    Also, take a look at this online example. Filtering works as expected out of the box.

    the Telerik team

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  3. HDC
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    Posted 23 Jan 2012 Link to this post

    Hi Ross,

    I have double checked and it just isn't working for me.

    Nothing happens when a filter is clicked.

    Best Regards,

  4. HDC
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    Posted 09 Mar 2012 Link to this post

    Finally figured it out... this was caused by the type of collection i was binding to... don't bind a grid to a QueryableDomainServiceCollectionView object... it will not work.

    I solved it by just pumping over the colection to a ObservableCollection.
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