Explorer style n-level deep TreeView using WCF onLoadDemand

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    Posted 30 Apr 2010 Link to this post

    Good day

    i've already read:

    What i need to achieve is, a RadTreeView which is filled by a WCF Service, using the LoadOnDemand Event. I really learned a lot from the mentioned above articles, but still there is one thing i do not understand. Think of Windows Explorer Style TreeView. Which Elements do i need to accomplish a similiar Solution / Style? i mean, some use a ValueConverter, some a HierarchicalDataTemplate other use just a DataTemplate. What i have is an ObservableCollection<ContentData> which has a Property of ObservableCollection<ContentDataList>
    The Class

        public class ContentData  
            public ContentData()  
                Id = 0;  
                Guid = string.Empty;  
                ArhPath = string.Empty;  
                Date = new DateTime();  
                ImageIndex = 0;  
                MaskId = 0;  
                Name = string.Empty;  
                ParentId = 0;  
                Type = 0;  
                XDate = new DateTime();  
                MaskData=new MaskData();  
                Accessdata=new AccessData();  
                ContentDataList = new List<ContentData>();  

    here i'm filling the Collection on the Server-side

    contentData = contentDataList.Where(ContentData => ContentData.Id.Equals(parentFolder.Id)).First(); 

    Silverlight code:

           public ViewArchiveTreeControl()  
                if (!Globals.IsDesignTime)  
                    Loaded += ArchiveTreeControl_Loaded;  
            void ArchiveTreeControl_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)  
                Session.WcfClient.GetContentDataCompleted += PlanArchivServiceClientGetContentDataCompleted;  
                Session.WcfClient.GetContentDataAsync("1", FOLDERSEARCHTYPE.RootFolder);  
            void PlanArchivServiceClientGetContentDataCompleted(object sender, GetContentDataCompletedEventArgs e)  
                if (e.Error != null || e.Result == nullreturn;  
    // to be implemented  

    in the AsyncCompleted Event i tried various things like binding the the ItemsSource (code behind and declaratively in xaml). but i'm getting stuck when it comes to the part where i need to tell the RadTreeViewControl about it's parent-childern relative.. Did one of you guys something similiar? could you shed a light? do i need to use a ValueConverter or a HierarchicalDataTemplate or something else?

    help's really appreciated!

  2. Ivan
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    Posted 06 May 2010 Link to this post

    Hi Christian,

    We are sorry for the late response.

    We prepared a simple application that loads (on demand) a simplified folder-tree structure. Each folder contains a list of files. The folder tree is displayed in the RadTreeView control at left side. If you select a tree-item (i.e. a folder) all its files will be shown in the items control at right-side. To populate the Folder-tree please click on the button at top of the application.

    Please give it a try and let us know if you have other question.

    Sincerely yours,
    the Telerik team

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