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    I am trying to log an exception that is returned to the client by WCF.  In this case the Exception is of type System.ServiceModel.FaultException<System.ServiceModel.ExceptionDetail> so it has a Detail property that includes a stacktrace and exception type for what went wrong on the server side.

    Since that Detail property is not an Exception (though very similar), I cannot log it to EQATEC (yes, I could or should log in server side, but I want it tied in).

    I tried doing a .ToString() on the Detail property and sending that as the context message like: Analytics.TrackException(e.Exception, serverSideExceptionText);

    Unfortunately there seems to be an enforced 1k limit on this field where my stacktrace approaches 3k.  Is there a way to increase this limit, or some other idea you have for this situation?

  2. Soren
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    Posted 23 Oct 2013 Link to this post

    Hi Kevin,

    Unfortunately we do not current have any way of reporting an exception which is not an instance of Exception. In our backlog, we have a request for the ability to add an "error" that is not necessarily an exception and allow you to perform some simple grouping of the errors and this seems to match what you are looking for.

    There are not ways to increment the 1000 char limitation since this is a restriction that is enforced on the data we are receiving and storing. So I guess your current best bet is to do some trimming to fit into the 1000 chars until we add something like the error functionality described above.

    Hope this clarifies things
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