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    Posted 05 Mar 2014 Link to this post

    My name is Chay. I am the Kendo developer for Zenovia Digital Exchange. The license was purchased under my boss's email address, so I have to log in as him to access the premium forums, so the response will not come to me. I will log in and check the thread periodically.

    I have created a demo page to show the error I am receiving. The ajax calls within it are loading very slowly, and I'm not sure why. Please have patience with it.
    I have also attached the source code for that demo page.

    Here is the error I am receiving:

    SyntaxError: missing ; before statement
    kendo.all.min.js (line 9, col 1)

    (I have attached a screenshot of the error from Firebug)

    Steps to recreate the error:

    1) Go to
    (I have been using FireFox 27.0.1 with Firebug to test and view the error in the console)

    2) Once the website listing loads, expand the first listing to view the nested "Tag listing" grid.
    (This is taking a while to load. Please be patient.)

    3) Once the tag listing grid loads, click on the "Edit" button to open the grid editor. I have attached a screenshot showing which Edit button I am referring to, although any within the nested tag listing grid should work for generating the error.

    4) After the grid editor loads, click either Close or the "X" button. The error will appear.

    Please let me know if I have left anything out. I will come back and check on the response periodically, but remember, the thread replies will not come to my email address by default.

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    Posted 10 Mar 2014 Link to this post


    After further investigation it seems that the error comes from the child Grid data which contains invalid JavaScript identifiers. As seen in the example response from the server each child record contains fields with names that contains only numeric symbols which is invalid JavaScript identifier:

        "total": 46,
        "data": [{
            "nWebTagID": "400871",
            "0": "400871",
            "nWebSiteID": "1665",
            "1": "1665",
            "nUserID": "10918",
            "2": "10918",
            "sAdUnitName": "",
            "3": "",
            "sAdUnitType": "web",
            "4": "web",
            "nAdUnitSize": "5",
            "5": "5",
            "nScreenLocation": "12",
            "6": "12",
            "sSiteSection": "Home Page",

    You should rename these fields to start with a valid symbol - for more information please check the following StackOverflow post:
    Also I notice that the document contains some invalid HTML markup (such as missing "body" tag) which I would suggest to fix:

    Vladimir Iliev
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