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error Kendo UI editor with imageBrowser “too much recursion”

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AJAX and Web 2.0
This is a migrated thread and some comments may be shown as answers.
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Jorge asked on 06 May 2014, 08:50 PM
I'm using the editor to image gallery of Kendo UI, the editor works fine (links, formats, etc. ..) and upload the photos to the gallery and read a service (rest); the problem is that when wanting to insert any image in the gallery get the error:

"too much recursion ... ute (i)," string "== typeof r) {try {r =" true "=== r 0:" false "=== r1:" null "r === null: + r ... jquery .... min.js (line 3) "

The funny thing is that when you remove the configuration "uploadURL", if you insert pictures in the textarea; obviously the plugin no longer gives me the option to upload.

In the documentation ( # configuration-ImageBrowser): did not find details about how to fix it.


<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/js/vendor/kendo-ui/kendo.all.min.js"></script>

<div class="k-content">
<textarea id="KEditor" rows="10" cols="30" placeholder="@GetText("Content")" maxlength="255" style="height: 500px"></textarea>

$(document).ready(function() {
                    tools: [
                    imageBrowser: {
                        transport: {
                            read: {
                                type: "GET",
                                url: "/api/sites/user-gallery",
                            destroy: "/api/sites/user-gallery?action=delete",
                            thumbnailUrl: function(path, name) {
                                var pictureUrl = decodeURIComponent(name);
                                return pictureUrl;
                            uploadUrl: "/api/sites/user-gallery?action=upload", //work if this line is commented
                            imageUrl: function(name) {
                                var pictureUrl = decodeURIComponent(name);
                                return pictureUrl;
                    //, messages: { viewHtml: '@GetText("ViewHtml")'}

Json(read rest service):

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AJAX and Web 2.0
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