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    I have placed a large number of controls inside a grid on a RadExpander control.

    I would like to loop on all the child controls that i have in the RadExpander and hook up event handlers on the controls found. I know the VisualTreeHelper is supposed to do the job but for some reason however the controls are never getting hooked up.

    This is my code... PropPanel is a stackpanel that contains all of the expander controls, i am using a stack object to avoid recursivity


    Stack<FrameworkElement> visualstack = new Stack<FrameworkElement>();
                while (visualstack.Count > 0)
                    FrameworkElement child = visualstack.Pop();
                    int count = VisualTreeHelper.GetChildrenCount(child);
                    for (int cnt = 0; cnt < count; cnt++)
                        FrameworkElement el = (FrameworkElement)VisualTreeHelper.GetChild(child, cnt);
                        if (el is tc.RadNumericUpDown)
                            ((tc.RadNumericUpDown)el).ValueChanged += PropertyPanelValueChanged;
                        else if (el is TextBox)
                            ((TextBox)el).TextChanged += PropertyPanelTextChanged;
                        else if (el is tc.RadColorPicker)
                            ((tc.RadColorPicker)el).SelectedColorChanged += PropertyPanelSelectedColorChanged;
                        else if (el is ComboBox)
                            ((ComboBox)el).SelectionChanged += PropertyPanelComboSelectionChanged;
                        else if (el is Button && !(el is CheckBox))
                            ((Button)el).Click += PropertyPanelButtonClick;
                        else if (el is ToggleButton && !(el is CheckBox))
                            ((ToggleButton)el).Click += PropertyPanelToggleButtonClick;
                        else if (el is CheckBox)
                            ((CheckBox)el).Checked += PropertyPanelChecked;
                            ((CheckBox)el).Unchecked += PropertyPanelChecked;




    Can anyone tell me what i'm missing, why are the controls notbeing hooked up?





  2. Kiril Stanoev
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    Posted 16 Dec 2010 Link to this post

    Hi Peter,

    I was not able to reproduce the issue you're describing. Could you please take a look at the attached project and let me know if I am missing something. I'd be glad to further assist you.

    Kiril Stanoev
    the Telerik team
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