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  1. David Liebeherr - rent-a-developer
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    is there a way to edit tasks in the Gantt Chart directly using the mouse?
    Something like:
    - moving tasks (e.g. dragging them with the mouse)
    - adjusting start time and end time with the mouse
    - defining relations (predecessors) by dragging with the mouse
    - etc...

    I know that i can edit the teask in the table, but what about doing it in the chart itself?

    Also: What is the current state of the GanttView?
    I have seen it is marked as CTP. Is it still stable enough for production use?
    What is the future plan for this component?

    Currently we are using the Gantt Control from http://www.radiantq.com/, but we are unhappy with it and would really like to switch to a telerik component.

  2. Ivo
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    Posted 11 Apr 2012 Link to this post

    Hello David,

    Moving and resizing tasks into the RadGanttView's chart are currently not out of the box features, but we will do our best yo include them into the next official release - Q2. Defining relations by dragging is something that most probably will not be ready with the Q2 , but will be shipped with Q3 release.

    We do not recommend anything other than official versions to be used for production purposes. We do our best not the change the current RadGanttView's API, but there may be some changes. Most probably we will also change the RadGanttView's xaml style so it is not a good idea to build a custom theme before the control is official.

    For the Q2 release the control state will be beta and below are the key features that we will do our best to be included.
    • Drag and drop and resizing for tasks.
    • Timeline filtering - multiple visible ranges, hidden visible ranges, etc.
    • Special slots
    • Improved selection

    For the Q3 release the control state will be official. We haven't planned the tasks for Q3, but below are the features that most probably will be included.

    • Resource view - grouping tasks by resources.
    • Mappings
    • Serialization of tasks, resources and relations.
    • Import and export to MS Project.
    If you have any feature requests not listed above do not hesitate to suggest them and they will be considered.

    Greetings, Ivo
    the Telerik team

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