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    I would like to update / edit an external list in Sharepoint using Silverlight. Im using client object model, so I got a class with properties representing all the columns in the list.

    I'm using the RowEditEnded event, to catch the current row that was edited.. Now I need to get the current row somehow from Sharepoint External List and update it.

    My primary key is not called ID so I cannot use getItemByID. Ive tried using a caml query to achieve the same thing. But then i'm having problem retrieving just that one row?.

    Any idea what to do? I gotta say it's rather strange to think that everyone uses "ID" as primary.

    I know there is a way to do this in the Sharepoint Shell script like this: "$SPItem = $SPList.Items | Where { $_["CUSTOMER_ID"] -eq "Value of field you want to search for" }"

    Ive enclosed my RowEdited function, with comments. If it is to any help

    Appreciate some help, I am really stuck.

    private void EditingRowsGrid_RowEditEnded(object sender, GridViewRowEditEndedEventArgs e)
                Sales editedRow = e.Row.DataContext as Sales; //Uses the class made representing all the columns.
                ClientContext editLoadData = new ClientContext(SPSite); //Open site
                List list = editLoadData.Web.Lists.GetByTitle(SPList); //Get by title SPList variable
                editLoadData.Load(list); //Load it
                CamlQuery query = new CamlQuery(); //initiate caml query
                query.ViewXml = "<View><Query><Where><Contains><FieldRef Name='CUSTOMER_ID'/><Value Type='Integer'>"    + editedRow.CUSTOMER_ID.ToString() + "</Value></Contains></Where></Query></View>";
                ListItemCollection items = list.GetItems(query); //Get the items using the caml query.
               //Here i am stuck, I am not sure that the above works either, but here I made a try accessing the one row, I fetched from             the list with items[0], didnt work. Any idea?
                ListItem oListItem = items[0];
                oListItem["test_column"] = editedRow.test_column.Trim();
                editLoadData.ExecuteQueryAsync(succeededCallbackUpdate, failedCallback);
  2. Maya
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    Hi Marcus,

    Based on the code-provided, I could only guess what might be causing the behavior you get. Nevertheless, could you clarify do you have a unique identifier for each item - why not calling GetItemByID(id) /the parameter is the value of the property that you use as unique identifier/ method ? Could you try to debug the application and verify whether at every step you get the expected items/item ? 
    On a side note, I would recommend you to run through this or this articles that might be helpful as well.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team

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  3. Marcus
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    I got it working, the problem with getItemByID is that it looks for an ID column, which external lists doesn't have unless you create an ID column in the database table.

    I sorted this out by looping through my gridview items array and then use an IF-case to find the row that was selected.

    foreach (var item in Items)
                   if (editedRow.CUSTOMER_ID == item.FieldValues["CUSTOMER_ID"].ToString())
                       item["COLUMN_NAME"] = editedRow.COLUMN_NAME;
                       context.ExecuteQueryAsync(succeededCallbackUpdate, failedCallback);
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