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Dynamically adding and removing data poitns from a scatter series

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Jason asked on 25 Jul 2016, 02:01 PM

I was hoping on just using "this.chart.DataContext = { ... };" to refresh the data in my chart, however, I'm running into two issues with this:

1. Data only displays in the chart if the x-axis is categorical

2. I'm using up to 2048 data points and a categorical x-axis makes the tick marks illegible.


Unless there's a way to make the categorical axis to only display every hundredth tick mark, it looks like I'm forced into using linear axis for both the horizontal and vertical.


In referencing the newly released examples, the chart is bound to the "Source" collection in the separate ViewModelScatterSeries class. What would be the easiest way to update this information?

Using a different charting tool, I would create a new Observable collection, populate it, then assign it as the new item source. Is it possible to do this with the RadCartesian chart?

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Lance | Senior Manager Technical Support
Telerik team
answered on 26 Jul 2016, 07:03 PM
Hello Jason,

Can you share the model for your data points, a small sample of what your data looks like and summarize what you want the outcome to be (a mockup would be best)? With this I'll be able to better suggest what axes to use that would visualize your data the best.

Regarding the updating of the Charts' data source, you can indeed bind/set an ObservableCollection to the ScatterSeries.ItemsSource property and update the ObservableCollection directly. The ScatterSeries will render any changes to the ObservableCollection's items.

Note that if you replace the ObservableColleciton entirely, make sure you have PropertyChanged implemented. For example:

private ObservableCollection<T> chartData;
public ObservableCollection<T> ChartData
     get { return chartData ?? ( chartData = new ObservableCollection<T>()); }
     set { chartData= value; OnPropertyChanged();}

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