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    I have a database table that holds a series of records in HTML format.  (These are built on an on-going basis by actions taken by the user).  They are then reported in a "History Report".. a sample of a few rows might be....

    Condition # 1100 ___<br />
    <b>B. D. Smith</b><br />

    Now, B.D. Smith is a person whose picture I would like to display ...in old-fashioned HTML I would just change the row to something like

    <b><img src='foo.png'>B. D. Smith</img></b><br />

    Which does not seem to work in my RadRichTextBox. I assume this is because the <img> tag is not supported as part of your HTML support.  When I try this an simply put 'foo.png' in the ClientBin folder, it displays as a blank character on my "History Report".

    Note:  The reason I'm putting the image in ClientBin is that I want the image to be available from a url, not from inside the xap file.  If I can get this to work in ClientBin, then I can change my HTML to get the image from a common repository.  I just thought that ClientBin would be the simplest case for my initial tests.  

    I'm using the control like this in the XAML:

            <telerik:RadRichTextBox x:Name="ReportPage" IsReadOnly="true" Background="White"  
    IsSpellCheckingEnabled="False"  Width="940" >

    I build the HTML string and then do the binding... in the .VB file

                    Me.ReportPage.DataContext = _weeklyReports(_weekNumber)
                    ReportPage.Document = ImportHTML(_weeklyReports(_weekNumber))

    (This is a conversion from an old desktop program...most of my old html formatting works, or I have been able to make it work by using the HTML tags provided in 


    Can you give me a solution for displaying an image,  a starting point or a wag of the finger telling me I'm totally off base on my approach?  Thank you.
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    Hmm. I don't see a way to delete the post.  

    I tried <img src='http://fissure001.simulationpoweredlearning.com/Client/ClientBin/test.png'>...

    and that works!  So, apparently I'm ok using <img> tags.  I just have to be careful where I put them and how I access them.

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