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    I have become increasingly disappointed with Telerik's investment in all things related to UWP development.  UWP enhancements have been essentially stagnant for months!  The ImageControl, support for PDF documents, and porting of the many control categories that are part of the WPF solution like the Designer control have not inched forward even slightly.

    It is clear that Telerik is investing in cross platform.  My customers, the majority of which are large corporations all have major UWP initiatives under way that will be coming to fruition by the end of this year.  I have not been able to support their efforts with Telerik components, but have been forced to introduce competing products.  As a result, by the end of this year Telerik's position in the market place with respect to UWP will be very compromised.

    Unless there a is a significant, immediate and highly visible adjustment in course on the part of Telerik with respect to UWP, my customers will be moving away from Teleirk components because there is nothing I can offer them that is comparable to the competition.

    Some time ago I asked why the Designer components were released as a Windows 8 app and never made available as a component to developers effectively placing Telerik in the position of competing with its developers.  Telerik's response was less than opaque.  I've since figured out why that was the case.  Moving into the "Builder Tool" solution space might seem like a good idea, but it will be at the expense of customers like myself and those that I support who expect library components with source code.  I need the Designer source code working on UWP.  I need the ImageControl and its source for UWP.  I need PDF processing support for UWP.  I need all of the current Universal Windows controls working on UWP.  I need to start seeing WPF controls that do not overlapping with native UWP controls to start being issued as beta controls on UWP.  If that doesn't happen over the next few months I will need to move away from Telerik.

    I've been a customer for quite some time.  You should consider carefully the long term ramifications of losing customers like myself.  Maybe I've got it wrong and UWP will be a dud.  Maybe I've got it right, in which case Telerik will lose a slue of corporate customers by the end of this year and find it very hard to get back in the UWP game.  UWP is MOBILE, UWP is IOT, UWP is Desktop, UWP is tablets, UWP is gaming consoles and soon UWP will even be in the cloud.  Is that not the definition of cross platform?

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    Hello Mario, 

    First, I'd like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and sending the detailed feedback on UI for UWP product.

    Indeed, we haven't made much progress regarding the UWP feature requests recently. Still, I'd like to assure you that we're taking our customers' requirements into consideration and appreciate the honest feedback you provided.

    At this stage I could only say that we're about to announce some good news concerning our UWP product very soon. So stay tuned for further updates on the matter. You can also subscribe for the announcement here :www.telerik.com/ms-event

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