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    I'm not 100% sure what the header I'm talking about is called but you should be able to see it in the screenshot I'm attaching. The header shows the month, day etc when zoomed in far enough. The problem I'm having is if you zoom out far enough it goes away entirely. This messes up the spacing of some other elements I have created. Is there a way that I can force this to stay on or at the very least know when it is hidden? I don't care if its blank space, I just need it to always take up the same amount of vertical space.
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    Hello Kirk,

    Basically, in case you add a larger interval to the Intervals collection of the timeBar, the group period header (this is the header you describe) would not disappear when you zoom out. E.g. you can add YearInterval. In this case, when the MonthInterval is displayed in the top row, the YearInterval will be displayed in its place. For example:

        <telerik:YearInterval />
        <telerik:MonthInterval />
        <telerik:DayInterval />

    In case you prefer not to add a larger interval to the Intervals collection, you can use implicit styles to set a fixed height to the container holding the group periods, so that it does not collapse, when there are no group periods. For example:
    <Style TargetType="telerik:GroupContainer">
        <Setter Property="Height" Value="21" />
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