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    Hi Telerik Team,

    I have some users with complaints about the calculator control.  If I start to type in the field (the calculator popup is closed) all of the number show up until I hit the decimal.  The decimal and any numbers after that do show in the textbox until you leave the field.  This seems like very odd behavior to me.  Why can I simply key in 125.00 and that show up in the box from typing it?  If I actually need to do some calculations, then I can launch the calculator.  I have looked at your demos and it works this way there as well.

    I don't want to switch to a MaskedTextEditNumeric control because the users do use the calculator portion.  They just want to be able to key in a number and all of the numbers, decimal, and any numbers after the decimal to appear as they are typing them.

    What is the reasoning behind this behavior and can it be changed or fixed?

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    I understand the concept that when using a calculator, the displayed result does not show any trailing zeros.  However, when I key in 125.000; the 0's show up in the display and when I do some other operator, the trailing 0's are removed, and not displayed in the result.  But in your control, the display stops as soon as you hit the decimal, and nothing appears until key in another number other than a 0.


    I would expect to see each digit displayed as I type it; but you display only the digits 125.  Hitting the decimal and 5 0's doesn't update the text until you type the 5; then it all shows up.
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    Hello William,

    Indeed, you are right. I managed to reproduce the issue you reported. We have logged in our system and you can track its progress here "Decimal numbers 0 after the decimal point are not displayed until a different than 0 number is entered."


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