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Sagi asked on 13 May 2009, 12:28 PM

 I'm a software engineer working in IT organization @ Intel Corp.
 Our team is currently evaluating several Silverlight third party vendors.
 I would appreciate if you could answer the following questions :
   1. Is there an easy way to allow  excel like selection
           ·                Column/Multiple column select and highlight. (when clicking column’s header)
           ·                Row/Multiple row select and highlight without using the Shift/Ctl keys. (when clicking row’s header)
           ·                Single cell selection and highlight.
           ·                Range selection.
          ·                 Selected range/row/column/cell will override cell’s background color (if all row's cell background color is set the     
                            user can not know a row is selected)
·         2. How can i modify row's header to present the row number (excel like) . I have looked   
             at HOWEVER e.Row is 
             NEVER of  type GridViewHeaderRow. (The row number inside the row header should appear  right next to the drill down "+"
             indicator  in case it exists)
3. When building an hierarchical grid i need to customize the child rows in the following way :
        a. If the width of the child rows is less than the grid width the GridView adds an empty column header that stretches until
            the end  of the Grid, Is there a way to remove the column header ?
       b. in case there are lots of child columns the width of the child rows might be larger than the original grid and causes  the 
           Grid  to change it's scroll proportions. Is there a way to allow inner scrolling inside the child rows themselves? in this
           way they will  not  exceed  from their parent width.

Sagi Karni
Intel Corp.






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Kalin Milanov
Telerik team
answered on 16 May 2009, 11:16 AM
Hello Sagi,

I am glad you are taking an interest in our controls. Below please find the answers to your questions:

1. Currently we do not support Excel-like selection. It is definitely in our plans but it will not be ready prior to Q3. To be more specific:
- There is no column / multiple column selection
- You can perform multiple selection only by holding Ctrl / Shift Key
- We do support singe cell selection and highlight
- There is no support for range selection
- This has been identified as a bug and a fix will be released in our Q1.SP2 version.

2. You can edit the template of GridViewHeaderRow, find IndicatorPresenter the and place a TextBlock bound to the number of the row. That being said we are planning to introduce a HeaderIndicatorPresenter with a separate style and template for easier customization in Q2. 

3. The feature you are requesting is planned for Q2. 
a. This is a known bug and it will be fixed. There is a way to remove the header but it is not a trivial task at the moment. We are planning on making it less effortful after Q2 ships.
b. This is a functionality which exists in the current version of the grid. Though it needs polishing.

I hope these answers provide you with the insight required to make your comparison.
Should any other questions arise do not hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes,
Kalin Milanov
the Telerik team

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Kalin Milanov
Telerik team
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