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    This seems like a good place to post this... I posted this on a .NET forum, but I hoping to use Telerik controls as part of the solution, so I figured I'd post this here as well.

    I'm trying to think of a solution for getting people use to using our program. Most of the people using our site are people whose experience with computers doesn't go any further than checking e-mail, so using data grids and filling out forms is completely new to them. We have help text on almost all pages. You can click a help icon in the top right of each page and a window pops up with written instructions of how to do things on that page. The problem is that people don't read!

     What I was thinking was some kind of guided tour. We've tried having demo videos, but if we change the way something looks on the page, we have to update the video, and we usually just have interns working on those kinds of projects, so once they're gone, we can't update the videos easily. We use Telerik controls, so I was playing around with their RadToolTip control. What I'd like to be able to do would be to have where you could click a link that says something like "How To: Add a New Record", and then a tool tip pops up by the "Add New Record" link in the data grid, and when you click it, that disappears and another tool tip pops up by the first field on the form and says something like, "Enter a title", and so on, so you're actually entering a record while going through the tour. There would have to be a way to turn it off as well when you don't it any more.

     I've got the first part working to show to click "Add New Record", and I can think of a few ways to go to the next step, but they all seem pretty clunky. Confused Are there any sites out that are doing something like this? Or is there other software that might be geared towards something like this?

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    You can definitely achieve this with RadToolTip. You can try opening the first tooltip with instructions for the user and when he is done he can click on a button within the tooltip saying something like "I am done with this step guide me to the next one" and then with the client-side API of RadToolTip you can hide the first tooltip and show the next one.

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