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  1. Jason
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    I have a problem that is kinda hard to explain.
    I am creating a RadWindow from code-behind (more specifically a ViewModel) then calling ShowDialog.  The window works great and the modal background is working properly, but all of my content that the modal background is covering seems to grow in scale.  Everything gets slightly bigger from button sizes to font sizes and such.  When i close the RadWindow the content maintains this growth in size.

    I have tested using a SL3 ChildWindow.  This object also seems to cause the background content to grow, but when i close it the content goes back to its initial size.  Still a problem but at least it goes back.

    Is there any reason anyone can think of as to why opening a RadWindow would cause the content behind it to grow?

    I just tried adding an instance of a RadWindow to the XAML of one of the UserControls and just by being there in the VisualTree without even opening it, it causes the same growth result.
  2. Jason
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    May 2009

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    I found it!

    In IE8 If you have the browser zoom less than 100% Like 75% so that all text is smaller.  When you introduce a RadWindow into the VisualTree it forces the content of the Browser to run at zoom 100% but doesnt change the actual browser zoom.  This is why when I open a RadWindow it causes the content to grow because the content is now at 100% zoom.  But like i said the browsers zoom setting in the bottom right still says 75%.  When i changed my browser zoom back to 100% the growth effect does not occur.
  3. Miroslav Nedyalkov
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    Hi Jason,

    This is a bug in Silverlight - if you try to use the Resized event of the Application.Current.Host.Content object, the IE zoom is changing. Unfortunately we don't have control over this.

    Miroslav Nedyalkov
    the Telerik team

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