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    Posted 18 Dec 2008 Link to this post

    I have a RadTab control with 5 tab items. I have 7 combo boxes in a canvas on the first tab. Everything works fine with the combo boxes. When I click on the second tab I get an IE error #4004, value does not fall in the expected range, that mentions a bunch of combo box events.

    If I simply tab (tab key) through all 7 combo boxes on the first tab then I am able to switch to the second tab item with no errors. I don't have to change the selection in the combos. The dropdown opens on each combo when it gets the focus.

    If, however, I click on the second tabitem without the 7 combos ever getting focus, then I get the error.

    What gets set or initialized when the combo box gets the focus that prevents the error when changing tabs?


    RadComboBox version 2008.3.1117.1020
    I have a data template with two columns.
    FilteringMode = Contains.

      <DataTemplate x:Key="test_getFEFPCodesResultTemplate">
       <Grid Margin="0,0,0,0" Width="150">
         <ColumnDefinition Width="40"/>
         <ColumnDefinition Width="100"/>
        <TextBlock Grid.Row="0" Text="{Binding Path=Code}" />
        <TextBlock Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="1" Foreground="Blue" Text="{Binding Path=Description}" />

    <telerikInput:RadComboBox ItemsSource="{Binding Mode=OneWay}" IsEditable="True" telerik:TextSearch.TextPath="Code" Height="20" MinHeight="20" Width="52" FontSize="10" IsEnabled="True" Background="#FF000000" x:Name="cmbFEFP" ItemTemplate="{StaticResource test_getFEFPCodesResultTemplate}" SelectedIndex="-1" Canvas.Left="6.739" Canvas.Top="118" IsReadOnly="False" FilteringMode="Contains">


  2. Miroslav
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    Posted 19 Dec 2008 Link to this post

    Hello Michael,

    Silverlight sometimes surprises me quite a lot. We found a very strange behaviour where elements that are not part of the visual tree will receive a GotFocus event although they are not visible and the currently focused item is something else. The issue is there for the default controls as well.

    We found a workaround for this problem and I can send you the patched assemblies. Please, open a support ticket and I will attach them there. Otherwise the fix will find its way into the next Service Pack.

    Your Telerik Points have been updated.

    Thanks again for bringing up this issue, this really helps us!

    the Telerik team

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