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    I wrote a piece Cloud Code to set a relation in one of my tables and it has been working great ... since yesterday. I wasn't sure whether to open a ticket or write this post but maybe some of you are facing similar issues.
    The cloud code I used for the last few days is based on this Thread: 
    Setting relations in Cloud Code

    Working with UnitTests I created lot's of entries to run some performance tests and without changing the code, the tests failed all of a sudden due to a Server time out. Even opening my Types table in my browser didn't work anymore. So after playing around I came to the conclusion that Cloud Code is not reliable ... and to proof my theory I reseted everything, which made it work again, added following line of code into the beforeCreate Event ...

    Everlive.Events.beforeCreate(function(request, context, done) {
    var query = new Everlive.Sdk.Query();
       /* are you working? done(); */

    ... and the Server time out again. I did this process a few times ( removing the comment and adding the comment ) with the same result: Any changes to my Cloud code, even a simple comment made the Server time out.

    While writing this Thread I ran another test and it seems the issue has been solved but leaves me to the conclusion that I can't always rely on the Cloud Code.
    So please note that my problem is solved for now but leaves an aftertaste concerning the use of Cloud Code.

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    There were some network connectivity issues with our code servers. Please, excuse us for the temporary inconvenience. The overall status of the Telerik Platform Services can be monitored here.

    We fully understand the crucial importance of the Cloud Code layer for our customers and are working constantly on enhancing the overall performance and functionality. Our aim is to allow developers to commit without concerns to the cloud code as the right place for the business logic of their apps. With some further improvements and new features on their way, we believe that we will hand over to developers an easy and reliable way to elaborate their server logic.


    Anton Dobrev

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