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    I've manually changed my CFBundleVersion inside of info.plist and "build" and submit to iTunes. Even though my version matches exactly what is online in iTunes Connect, I'm getting the following error.

    Invalid or Non-Increasing CFBundleVersion - The value specified in the bundle's Info.plist file for the key CFBundleVersion must be a string consisting of any number of dot-separated components, where each component is composed only of the digits 0 through 9.  For example, any of the following are syntactically valid values for CFBundleVersion: "1.0", "4.2.1", "5545.12", ""; whereas the following are all syntactically invalid: "GX5", "3.4.2b6", "2.6GM", "1.0 (Gold)", "-3.6".  Additionally, each updated version of the same application must have a CFBundleVersion that increases relative to that of the previous version that was actually made available for sale on the iTunes Store.  For example, if a previously-available version had a CFBundleVersion of "1.4", then any of the following would be acceptable as the next update: "", "1.4.1", "1.4.332", "1.5"; but all of the following (though syntactically valid) would be unacceptable: "1.4", "1.3", "1.3.99999", "0.9".  For more information about the CFBundleVersion key and the Info.plist file, see Apple's Runtime Configuration Guidelines at

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    Hi Ian,

    This error is not related to Icenium and a quick search shows lots of threads with this problem. Please check this post which outlines what to look for.

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