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    I have a business object with three columns (int year, int month and double value) bound to the GridView.

    When the user adds a new row or edits an existing one, some cell validation takes place. 

    This is an example property of the business object

    private int month;
    public int Month
            return month;
                if (month == value)
                month = value;
                Time = new DateTime(t.Year, value, t.Day, t.Hour, t.Minute, t.Second);  
                throw new InvalidOperationException(Strings.MonthInvalid);

    When the user enters 13 or something else that is not a valid month number, the "new DateTime()" call will throw an exception which will be caught, and then in turn, a new exception will be thrown and the message will be shown to the user in a nice red tooltip.

    However, if I enter something like 1354684635135746876510, the control will be unable to fit that into my integer property so the Exception with the message "Input is not in a correct format" will be thrown. The message is in English, and I need to localize this. Obviously I can't edit .NET's exceptions (nor should I). But how can I solve this? I'd like to be able to validate the cells with my own messages supplied, no matter what is entered. Is this possible?

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    Posted 06 Jul 2012 Link to this post

    Hello Kornelije,

    I would recommend you to run through this blog post for a reference. 

    the Telerik team

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