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    I'm trying to do reverse mapping from 2 databases (let's name them: DB1 and DB2). DB1 is my default database (written in the .config file in the "connections" section). I've started the reveres mapping dialog, used the "Options" button and then - "Databases" button. I've checked required databases (no name for DB1 (as it is the default db) and DB2 for DB2) and accepted the dialog. Finally I've tried to merge schemas; but this time I've got a message:
        Unable to change database: 'USE [DB2]' failed.
    Both databases are configured identically. If I put DB2 as a primary database the reverse mapping dialog connects with it without any problem - but reports this time: Unable to change database: 'USE [DB1]' failed.
    What should I do?

    And by the way, another question concerning multiple databases:
    - DB1 has TB1 table with 2 columns: TB1_id (obvious) and TB1_name
    - DB2 has TB2 table with TB2_FK column that contains foreign keys to DB1.TB1
    If I get a tb2 object (that is a record from TB2) - can I read tb2.TB2_FK.TB1_name? Can I execute a query like this:
        select * from TB2Extent where TB2_FK.TB1_name = 'xxx'

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    Hi Tomasz,

     I could reproduce that and that seems to be a regression. We have fixed it and it will be available in the next release.
     Regarding your second question - Yes, you can query for records that reference tables from the other database.

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