Best practices for implementing KendoUI PHP wrappers with Zend Framework / a framework

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  1. Alex
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    Posted 26 Apr 2013 Link to this post

    I have setup the library for the Kendo PHP wrappers  via the classmapmap generator within a ZF2 module

    My main question or perhaps request for guidance is how  are you implementing/integrating the PHP wrappers with  the MVC  side? If anyone has any thoughts or pointers how you are doing it in Zend Framework or your chosen framework  it would be much appreciated. 

  2. Bernard
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    Posted 06 Jan 2015 in reply to Alex Link to this post

    Seems like no one seems to be able to answer this one lol...

    Although it is not that hard to integrate it into zend, just include the needed kendo scripts and call them when required...
    I'm wondering what the best practice might be...

    So far, for test purposes...
    I didn't include it as a vendor as this map contains third party 'zend modules' and kendo is not a zend module...
    It also causes issues when your vendor map is outsite the web root.

    What I did was splitting the kendo js and css and put them in the respective style folders..

    I do wonder if anyone share the idea the kendo calls should be happening in the zend view and not in the controller, although it kinda makes the readability of your code more difficult (especially when using the more complex kendo elements depending on multi-dimensional arrays ) to comprehend when you put in in the view
  3. T. Tsonev
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    Posted 08 Jan 2015 Link to this post


    Thanks keeping this discussion alive, Bernard.

    I'm afraid the Kendo team can't be of much help.
    We don't have experience with the Zend Framework and the ClassMapAutoloader in particular.

    T. Tsonev
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  4. Answer
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    Posted 17 Mar 2015 Link to this post

    I have Kendo UI running using Laravel 5,

    The Kendo UI Scripts are Just added to my Composer.JSON (classmap)


    And running Composer dumpautoload.  This should be the same in any framework that uses composer. just by using the namespaces (The Defacto in laravel 5)


  5. Logoscorp
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    Posted 21 Jul 2016 in reply to Brendan Link to this post

    Hi Brendan I have a kendo on my laravel project loaded in my composer.json file by the classmap. My issue is because the elements doesn't show in the view. But if I copy the javascript code generated and run in the console and the element is showed. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Thanks in advance.
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