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    We are using rad chart which shows data in the form of "Month-to-Month". This is basically stacked bar chart. The months will be shown as  Jan-12,Feb-12,Mar-12 etc. on Axis-X Labels. Each month will have 4 different Y-Series bind to them namely y1,y2,y3,y4. The requirement is that when user clicks  one of the y-series for particular month, then all other y-series for that month and all other months should be grayed out and y-series clicked by user should be highlighted.We are using BuildCustomItemStyle() method to gray out and hightlight y-series.

    The issue is our logic works perfectly fine for all months except for the 1st month. Suppose we have data plotted from Jan-12 to Dec-12. Now, if user selects any of the y-series for "May-12" , then our requirement mentioned above works fine. But if user select any of the y-series for "Jan-12", then other y-series for  "Jan-12" month and all y-series for other months are not grayed out correctly..

    Our BuildCustomItemStyle() method look like below way :

     private Style BuildCustomItemStyle(Control item, Style style, DataPoint point, DataSeries dataSeries)
    if (item is BaseChartItem)
                    BaseChartItem baseChartItem = item as BaseChartItem;
                    DataPoint dataPoint = dataSeries[baseChartItem.CurrentIndex];
            DataItem dataItem= dataPoint.DataItem as DataItem ;
                   if (!dataItem.Selected)
                        if (dataSeries.Definition.SeriesName == "YSeries1")
                            style = yseries1Style;
                        else if (dataSeries.Definition.SeriesName == "YSeries2")
                            style = yseries2Style;
                        else if (dataSeries.Definition.SeriesName == "YSeries3")
                            style = yseries3Style;
                        else if(dataSeries.Definition.SeriesName == "YSeries4")
                            style = yseries4Style;
    ;                    }
    return style;

    Let us know your view on this ASAP as we are stopped on this.


  2. Petar Kirov
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    Posted 15 Oct 2012 Link to this post

    Hi Kinnar,

    Unfortunately based on the information you have provided, it is not clear how exactly you are graying out the not-selected items, and highlighting the selected one.

    I have attached an example project. I also enabled the Hover Interactivity Setting, which I believe produces the result you need (only except that it is activated on hover, and not on click). 

    It would be helpful, if you could:
    1. Confirm if this is the effect you need
    2. Provide a modified version of this project, demonstrating your custom coloring logic
    Petar Kirov
    the Telerik team

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