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  1. Satish J
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            Could anyone confirm the API support of the following requirements in RadTabControl API:

    1)Set enable a particular tab
    2) Check if a tab visible given on key
    3) Set the tab visible
    4) Returns the Active Tab Index
    5) Returns the Active Tab Name
    6) Returns the Active Tab Key
    7) Perform Click on a Tab
    8) Set Active Tab, given its key
    9) Set Active View given a key and its URL or object
    10) Returns the Count of Tabs
    11) Underline the text of the tab when focussed and remove underline when focus is lost
    12) Should show the drop down area showing other tabs
    13) Set the Tab Focus
    14) If the list of tabs cannot be accomodated within the client area, the entire set of tabs should be listed as a dropdown list (adjacent to the last tab on click of a drop down arrow), with the current tab having a tick mark preceeding.

    Satish J
  2. Satish J
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    Aug 2009

    Posted 16 Sep 2009 Link to this post

    Any one watching this post pls?

    Satish J
  3. Miroslav
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    Hello Satish J,

    I am sorry for the delayed reply, here are my answers:

    The answers with [beta] are possible in the beta version of the controls that was just released. The official release of these features will be with the Q3 release.

    1. Yes - the tabItem.IsEnabled property
    2. No - If scrolling is enabled, you cannot currently check if an item is in view
    3. [Beta] Yes, the TabControl.ScrollItemIntoView(item) method
    4. Yes - TabControl.SelectedIndex
    5. Yes - You are probably refering to the TabItem.Name or TabItem.Header properties
    6. Yes/No - The TabControl works with a flat collection of TabItems and not with dictionaries. If you have a reference to your item, you can set it as a SelectedItem or if you know its index you can set the SelectedIndex.
    7. Yes, this I assume will be selecting an item. This can be achieved by setting the TabItem.IsSelected=True property.
    8. Please see #6
    9. The visible content is actually the Content property of the TabItem, so whenever a TabItem is selected, its content will be shown. So if you can identify a TabItem based on this key, yes.
    10. Yes - tabControl.Items.Count
    11. Yes, now though setting a custom control template. The focus visual is a dotted rectangle nut can be changed.
    12. [beta] - yes, it can be switched on/off/when needed
    13. Yes, tabItem.Focus()
    14. [beta] Yes, the items can be shown in a drop down when needed. The tick mark is not implemented yet but it is a good idea and can be included in future iterations.

    Hopefully this answer will help you to better evaluate the features of the TabControl,

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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