Android kills true cross platform development for HTML js

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  1. Tim
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    Posted 09 Nov 2013 Link to this post

    After using icenium / phonegap it seems as if android does not like "not native" apps at all. I use the Galaxy 10.1 so this is a beast of a tablet yet the way that it handles these apps is slow to non functional. 

    Jquery mobile: 
    Well ... JQM with phonegap only produces a bastard child of an app. slow, and tacky . Its just not a good idea at all. Having said that it is actually what i am using for my next app. This is because every other alternative is just as bad.

    Kendo ui:
    Well this did just not work. I downloaded straight from icenium and tried the drawer, which is what i needed and it just displays a blank page. Not sure how to troubleshoot this because it working in the simulator and it works on the ipad ( as does everything else ).

    Custom scripts and css:
    This leads to super slow and close to non functioning scroll and slow click actions. I literally rewrote my app using custom code , with it heavy on css transision / transform 3d to allow gpu use, aswell as all the standard touchstart etc standards . Still ... Android freaks out and sometimes just does not even display the content, its slow and feels like crap. Its unreal.

    Again... Android just does not play well. 

    Andorid flashs like shit, scroll is shit feels like something from the ninties, click responses are slow, transisions are slow / sluggish. And no matter what libraries are used a native feel is just not going to happen. 

    Everything works 100% , transitions are fast, responsive .. everything just works! and it feels native. I had my custom code with a few libraries and it was working proper on a ipad and it feel just like a native app. Quick, fast and awesome. And this comes from a apple hater. I am a windows fanboy and do not even own the ipad i am testing on, i do not own one apple product. But i am slowly changing my mind after this experience. Unfortunately the country i live in has to import apple products and they end up becoming toys for the rich. All the business we work with are not in any way considering apple products for their applications. Obviously this has nothing to do with icenium by this, working with android in this way ( html js ), it has been so painful , and am also certainly going to be learning java for native .

    Anyone else developing for android ... Good luck 

  2. David Silveria
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    Posted 18 Nov 2013 Link to this post

    I would partially agree with you, but it is not that bad...

    Anyway, this would change dramatically since the KitKat release where the Android WebView is basically the Chrome browser, this would allow it to take advantage of the V8 javascript engine and Blink rendering engine (see this for more info:

    Additionally forcing hardware acceleration on Android is a must if you want snappy response, check out this forum where Steve has outlined your options:

  3. Ryan
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    Posted 29 Mar 2014 Link to this post

    I've def felt your pain on this one, but I would add this is not limited to just HTML5.  I've done cross platform with various tools, Xamarin, Appcelerator, Kony...they all end up looking and running worse on Android unfortunately.  When you have a hardware/software environment that is as fragmented as Android is, you're just never going to get a one-to-one version with your iOS app and your Android app.  Kendo UI is buggy as hell on Android without question.  That drawer widget was patently useless and god knows I tried every hack I could think of to improve stability.  I just stick to modalviews in my hybrid app to avoid the pain :(
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