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    Attention EQATEC Analytics developers! Earlier this week we released a new version of the service, together with many improvements and some modifications to the service. We wanted to give you a heads up and give you the details about the exciting changes to your beloved Analytics service.

    New Name, Same Excellent Service

    As of January 27th, EQATEC Application Analytics has been rebranded to Telerik Analytics. This was part of a much bigger initiative of unifying product names, families and brands. This is aimed at putting Telerik as the top brand, as at present many of our customers didn’t know that products like "Icenium" and "EQATEC" are actually Telerik products. Now those products (and several others) are re-branded to "Telerik AppBuilder" and "Telerik Analytics" respectively.

    Telerik Analytics is Now Part of Something Bigger

    Telerik Analytics is now part of the Telerik Platform - our new end-to-end mobile development platform for creating web, hybrid and native apps, which we announced January 28th 2014.

    Will My Analytics Experience Change?

    Yes, it will. In addition to the great updates we did to the service (see What's New section below) you will also experience Telerik Analytics in a completely new way. Being part of the Telerik Platform, the Analytics service is now part of a Workspace. The workspace is the top level container for applications, developed with the tools and services provided by Telerik Platform. Within a single workspace, you can carry out the complete development of a complex native or hybrid, mobile, web, or desktop application. The workspace lets you manage every aspect of the application development - from the code base and backend services to the testing and usage statistics, and from source control to team management.

    So, once you log in to your Platform account (all Analytics users have one already), you will notice that your existing Telerik Analytics projects will be transferred into a "My Workspace" box on the Telerik Platform portal. It might take up to 2-3 minutes for the operation to complete the first time you log in, so bear with us! Once the operation completes, click on your workspace, find your projects and click to continue working on them.

    What's New in Telerik Analytics

    All-New HTML5 Dashboard Interface

    A completely revamped HTML5 dashboard is replacing the previous Silverlight-based dashboard. The new dashboard features responsive design and runs in all modern desktop and tablet browsers which support HTML5. With the new implementation most Silverlight limitations like copy/paste and URL sharing are fully addressed.

    Custom Dashboards

    We have added the ability to create custom dashboards, which will allow you to pick the measurement points you and your organization follow regularly. The custom dashboards are shared across all users within your organization.

    Existing Features That Will Be Released In the Next Software Update

    Time did not permit us to implement all features which were available in the previous Silverlight dashboard implementation, unfortunately. This functionality will be released in the next software update expected next month. Here is list of the features we will add back in February:

    • Percentage of total usages
    • Printing reports
    • City/region drill-down in the world map
    • Feature views (will be redesigned)
    • Add multiple IPs to product filter
    • Edit display names and data visibility
    • Aggregates (min, max, average) in feature values and feature timings
    • Installations properties

    The Analytics Starter License Also Got Better! And It Is Still Free!

    That's right! We have bumped up the goodies included in Telerik Analytics, for the same low price of nothing:

    • We have added the ability to instrument and monitor two projects (up from one). This will allow you to experience the service better and test two diverse apps (mobile, native, or hybrid)
    • Now, up to 5 developers can work with a single Starter License (up from one) giving more transparency to the service within your team
    • And probably the best part is that you start with Enterprise Edition of the service for free and automatically convert to Starter Edition after 30 days
    • And finally, we have added unlimited dedicated support during your 30-day trial  with 72 hrs. response time

    Simplified Subscription Models

    Since Telerik Analytics is now part of Telerik Platform, the price model has been modified slightly for the better. The biggest change is a shift from a "per application" model to a "per user" model. Previously the price of a subscription depended on the number of applications/products that you needed to monitor. This limitation is now completely removed and you can create as many product IDs as you need and integrate our monitors in any number of applications you wish at no extra cost. This will help your development team as they can now create product IDs which they can use for tests or internally as part of their development process. Further you can monitor applications of lesser importance that you would otherwise would not have monitored.

    In the new price model you simply have to choose:

    • Number of user seats (individual user accounts)
    • Type of user seat (Professional or Business)
    • A data plan (number of unique active installations in a 30 day period)

    You can read more on the Analytics Purchase Page.

    If you currently hold licenses for Telerik Analytics (formerly EQATEC), you will notice that for the same price, you are getting more capabilities including easy collaboration features as part of the Telerik Platform!

    If you currently hold licenses for Telerik Analytics (formerly EQATEC) AND one or more of our other cloud services - Backend Services (formerly Everlive) or AppBuilder (formerly Icenium) - you have automatically been upgraded to one of the Telerik Platform editions and can enjoy the entire platform for no additional fees.

    If you have further pricing and licensing questions, please contact

    We hope you enjoy the new changes to our services. Explore the new and improved Telerik Analytics as well as the larger Telerik Platform it is now part of!

    The Telerik Analytics Team

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