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    Suppose I have an chart like the one in the chart/FirstLook demo. With several points over the X and Y axis. 
    The behavior that I need is to be able to click on the chart to add another point.For example imagine that we have year 2010 over the X axis, so for that year the user can click on the chart  over the Y axis to automatically select an Y value and the chart gets automatically updated.  
    Is this kind of behavior possible? Can we click on the chart in order to dynamically add a point to the chart?

    One more question, we can define for a data serie the point mark shape, but can we define for one individual point of the data serie the point mark shape, so that we can have several different point mark shapes within the same data serie?

    Thanks in advance, regards,
  2. Ivo
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    I was able to change the pointmark for individual point using styles and some binding(I binded the Path.Data property of the PointMark).But I encounter a big problem, that I think as to due probably by the way that the pointmarks were implemented.
    Imagine that we have point A and B, if I choose a circle for point A and a square for point B, what is going to happen is that a circle appears on point A, but on point B a square appears in top of a circle(This circle is exactly like the shape in point A).I made a sample application, I took some print screens that way you can see what is happening.
    In my example values bellow 50 get a balloon and above get a cross.

    Is there any possible way to workaround this? If the point marks have the same shape I bet that this also happening but we can't see this happening because the shape is in front of the other and since they are equal we only see one.

  3. Dwight
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    Posted 28 Oct 2009 Link to this post

    Hello Ivo,

    Currently the chart does not provide API for handling clicks on the ChartArea. Such functionality will be provided some time next year.

    On the topic with point marks: can you, please, provide the sample application so that we are able to analyze it?

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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